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BOBWG through its wholly owned subsidiaries is a: MANUFACTURER, DISTRIBUTOR, and MARKETER of health, wellness and beauty products~

BOBWG has grown into an industry platform with the consolidation and expansion of its 11 core brands through its wholly owned subsidiaries. We want to thank all of our loyal customers, retail parterns, vendors, advisors, consultants and the entire global BOBWG team for making our journey successful! BOBWG is the industry leading family of innovative premium affordable preventative natural food supplements and beauty products and brands that are inspired by the healthy and unique link we create between science and nature.

As we continue our consolidation efforts that started last year, we are very excited to share the news that we are updating and re-launching our corporate web-site to include all of the changes and expansion of the BOBWG family.

BOBWG is also very excited to share the news that it has almost completed its global consolidation with a new state of the art manufacturing campus and technical center located in  mainland China.

The campus will serve the continued growth of the global BOBWG companies with increased manufacturing capabilities and will serve a duel role in supporting the  distribution of BOBWG's products to mainland China.



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INTL; Hong Kong


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